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Social Audits

The social audit is a process through which all details of a public scheme are scrutinised by its beneficiaries, to evaluate how well public resources are being used to meet the real needs of the community.

Social audit practice began in Kenya as far back as 2002 as part of civil society’s civic mobilization strategies under Kenya’s democratization process. But it was not until the 2006 that the practice became widespread, spurred by a collaboration between the Open Society Initiative for East Africa (OSIEA), Muslim for Human Rights Initiative (MUHURI), MKSS and the International Budget Partnership (IBP).

In 2007, OSIEA in conjunction with TISA (under the CDF Accountability Project) launched a handbook on social audits - The CDF Social Audit Guide. Over 20,000 copies of the and book were printed and disseminated in the subsequent two years, as social audit practice was adopted by a wide cross-section of civil society actors.

Through the development of and promotion of the handbook TISA was able to promote social audit practice in Kenya, through the Social Accountability Learning Group (SALG). TISA’s social audit work laid the foundation for our present work in policy and legislative monitoring and advocacy.

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