Promoting Socio-Economic Inclusion

TISA’s current priorities under this program are to work with women, youth and people with disabilities to strengthen their voice in policy making especially with respect to inclusive spatial planning and tax justice. We seek to build their advocacy capacities for the promotion of effective service delivery and advocate for improved transparency, access and effectiveness of preferential procurement processes.

This program seeks to advocate for more effective and accountable government support to the informal sector in the face of the Covid pandemic through social safety net programs.

Solid Waste Youth Employment Demonstration Project:TISA also seeks to establish a limited social benefit company of informal garbage pickers, as a means of filling a pressing need to collect solid waste, provide a livelihood for this informal sector, and support the voice of these groups in the national solid waste policy.

Jipeshughuli/Open contracting: TISA’s current priorities in the area of making public spending more transparent and the government more answerable for its resource allocations through promotion of open and inclusive public procurement in Kenya at both national and county levels. The program’s goal Promoting openness and inclusion in public procurement with greater citizen oversight, through the inclusion of disadvantaged groups such as women, youth and people with disabilities.