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The Institute for Social Accountability (TISA) was launched in Nairobi in 2008 to promote citizen empowerment and government accountability, at a moment of promise, when Kenya was charting a path to constitutional reform. Since the adoption of Kenya’s 2010 Constitution, TISA has sought to advance the Constitution’s central tenet: transforming the way power in Kenya is distributed and managed, chiefly through the devolution of government power from the national to the county (sub- national) level.

The goal of social accountability is to empower citizens to demand sound delivery of services by holding their leaders to account through direct engagement. Thus, TISA’s mission is to help Kenyans find their voice and agency to claim their rights to services; make the Kenyan government accountable for its duties and promises; and ultimately, make the constitution a lived experience.
TISA Mission, Vision, Goal and Objectives

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TISA’s work falls into two main categories - Following the Money and Public Participation Discourse and Demonstration Projects.

In its early days, TISA pioneered the use in Kenya of social audits, a corruption fighting tool whereby citizens audit public projects to evaluate how well public monies are being used to meet the real needs of target beneficiaries. TISA’s current priorities in the area of making public spending more transparent and the government more answerable for its resource allocations are:

The roots of Kenya’s widespread citizen apathy are many. A history of politicians sowing ethnic divisions, bribing voters, being “ on the take” and failing to implement policies to benefit citizens has left Kenyans disengaged and distrustful. To counteract this, TISA is piloting two projects designed to meet citizens’ basic needs and to show that citizen engagement can genuinely improve governance; TISA is also monitoring and advocating for a progressive national level framework to enhance citizen voice:

Organizational information

TISA is known and respected throughout Kenya for its expertise on social audits, social accountability, civic education, and public participation. It drafted the public participation bill that was ultimately passed in five counties and influenced the World Bank to elevate that concept in the realm of accountability. It has gone to court many times to defend devolution. It is seen as an engine for new ideas.

TISA is directed by National Coordinator Wanjiru Gikonyo and has a staff of 15 and a 5-trustee board. Its annual budget for 2020 is $1 million. Current and past supporters include Open Society Foundations, Ford Foundation, Hewlett Foundation, UNDEF, European Union, and HIVOS.